Our Story

Chinatown, 1938

Our Rich Heritage

Nam Heong Chicken Rice’s rich history started more than 78 years ago. Nam Heong was started in 1938 by 3 immigrants from Hainan, China. It started as a coffee shop selling Hainanese Coffee, Toast and Eggs. At a later stage, Hainanese Chicken Rice was introduced as an additional dish for the customers to choose from. As it turned out, the Hainanese Chicken Rice received very positive response from the customers. The majority customers who came to dine at Nam Heong coffee shop were asking for the chicken rice instead of toast and eggs!

The owners accepted the fact that their Chicken Rice has received more positive response than the Hainanese Coffee, Toast and Eggs! Before long, every customer who came into Nam Heong were asking for Chicken Rice! Nam Heong Chicken Rice was borne in 1938! As time goes by, new dishes were added into the menu to the delights of the customers. Fads come and go, but Nam Heong is still running at full force to the delight of all Nam Heong Chicken Rice regulars and new fans.

Today’s Nam Heong Chicken Rice is newly decorated with soothing colours and comfortable seats plus delightful dining environment; no more boring designs to show that the brand is an “OLD” brand; but, an “old” brand with a new dining concept. In 2015 and 2016, Nam Heong Chicken Rice was awarded with “Certificate of Excellence” from a travelers’ website, Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor is well known for travel related information provided by travelers to travelers.

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