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Signature Dish Village Chicken菜园鸡

Nam Heong Chicken Rice is well known for its Village Chicken菜园鸡. Our Village Chicken belongs to a premium breed from the Northern part of Malaysia. The chicken meat is more tender than the chicken that you buy from markets and supermarkets that we term it as “Market Chicken” 街市雞. The skin of the Village Chicken 菜园鸡is also tender compare to “Market Chicken.” At Nam Heong Chicken Rice, all the chickens used are not frozen chicken. All chickens are freshly poached every morning at the restaurant. If you are looking for premium quality chicken, Nam Heong Chicken Rice’s Village Chicken is the Best Choice!

Nam Heong is also well known for its “Fragrant Rice”. The fragrance are all from natural food ingredients. No artificial fragrances are used. The rice is prepared by adding in some chicken soup, a bit of chicken oil, some condiments and pandan leaves for that irresistible chicken rice fragrance. Nam Heong Chicken Rice is actually yellowish in colour. The natural yellowish colour is from the use of margarine; to give the rice a smooth texture for that palatable feeling when eaten!

Are you aware that there are 3 typical sauces that go very well with Hainanese Chicken Rice? These 3 typical sauces are to add some flavours to the poached chicken. The 3 sauces are: minced ginger, minced chili and dark soya sauce. These 3 different sauces are mixed together to produce a unique palatable flavour when eaten with Nam Heong Village Chicken. Nam Heong “homemade” minced chili sauce recipe was concocted to perfection using lime juice and chili.

BBQ Pork

Nam Heong BBQ Pork is succulent and juicy.
The “honey” glazed pork belly甜蜜蜜五花肉 is barbequed using the traditional method by burning coal every morning at the restaurant.

Roast Pork

Nam Heong BBQ Pork is succulent and juicy.
Nam Heong Roast Pork has crispy skin with tender meat.
The first bite is always the best bite when the roast pork skin is crispy. Crispy skin complemented by the tender meat is heaven for roast pork lovers.